Look gorgeous, feel amazing
Let's get your light turned ON.

I want you to see yourself in a whole new way.
I want you to feel beautiful, brilliant, and completely turned on in your life.
With the pictures to prove it.
?Why would I need a photo session
Such a great question, thanks for asking! As women, we spend soooooo much time focused on others, caring for others, worrying about others, wondering how we appear to others.

A portrait photo session is an opportunity for you to see yourself as an individual. To be seen for the exquisite being that you are. To do something outrageously fun. And to create a powerful visual to remind you every day of what a glorious creature you are.

Also, digital photos are super practical and pretty much a necessary annoyance in our modern online life. You WILL have photos of yourself out in the world. They might as well be fabulous!
?Business or Pleasure, Wild or Mild
Every woman is deliciously complex. She wears many hats in the world, and inside she harbors a wide range of thoughts, emotions, and desires. This is the way we are made, and it's beautiful.

I work with you to get super clear on which range of yourself you want to express. Then I create the optimal experience for that part of you to come alive and feel amazing. The result is a set of images that expresses your truth in ways words never could.

First we figure out the main purpose your photos will serve...
Business & Branding

Polished, glowing, professional. Photos that represent you and your work to the world. 

Use for: LinkedIn, FB business pages, "about" pages, artist statements, author bylines, etc.
Social & Dating

Casual, fun, and candid-looking. These shots show how much fun you are to be with! Ask me for my research into best practices for dating profile pics. 

Use for: FB, Instagram, dating sites and apps.
Personal Expression

You at your juiciest. These are for your own personal growth and pleasure. Also fun to share with someone special. 

Use for: birthday gifts for yourself, or when you need a big old shot in the arm of self-love or senseless fun.

I would love to hear from you.