Each of these women has her own desires, her own story.
Each gets turned on and lit up in her own way.
It's my job to bring out each woman's unique light. 
And I LOVE my job.

I hope you enjoy witnessing these brilliant, powerful people.

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Goddess G jumped in with both feet. She knew when she booked her session that she was ready to claim her life as her own, right then and there.​​​

Her joy and her smile during our session radiated from deep within. For the full hour she said she felt so beatiful, so happy, and adored like a celebrity. Weeks later she told me that signing up for this session was a powerful turning point in her self-love and acceptance. 
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Goddess A. is a healer of women and men. She was a little nervous heading into our session. She had only everliked  a couple of pictures of herself, and she wasn't convinced she would ever like another.

She booked a session in order to get photos for her website. What she didn't expect was to see her own beauty, wisdom, and playfulness in a way she never had before.

"As I looked through my slideshow of images, I was in tears at the beauty I saw before me. Witnessing this in myself for the first time, I was speechless."
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Goddess P. did some deep dark work in the month before her photo session. Our consultation calls stirred up some profound pain she had been harboring for a long time. We allowed that pain to surface, we even welcomed it and played with it. We let her truth inspire us as we created her session.

When she told me she was worried she would still be feeling "blah" for her session, I asked her NOT to try and get happy for Miami (I realize this is a challenging request :-). I wanted to see that darkness in person. I wanted her to sit with it, not try to change it just for her photos.

By the time she got to Miami, she had expressed and accepted and let go of so many old thoughts and feelings that had not been serving her.

When she arrived for our session, she brought a fierce confidence I had never seen in her before. We proceeded to explore the jungle of South Beach with some serious abandon, going all the way from dark to light. Even flirting our way behind the red velvet ropes into the "forbidden forest".

She told me later that she had signed a contract with herself to begin a new life, and that her photo session was a key part of that decision. I am so honored to have witnessed her healing and her stepping into her power.
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