Praise for Goddess Photo

Here's what some of my clients have had to say about their Goddess Photo sessions...


from Kate

“I want to thank you again for helping me ‘conjure’ a picture of myself that I love enough to use online. This particular desire got crossed off the list as ‘something even better’ than anything I imagined.”


from Rebecca M.

“After years of quietly untagging myself on social media, I set out on a secret mission: to start looking good in photos again. I had a session in Miami with Candace and…
It. Changed. Everything!! 

This woman is an irresistible flirt- she will put you instantly at ease, then pull the sassiest, sexiest Goddess right out of you, and you will love every single second. I treasure those photos as a perfect, suspended-in-time reminder of the divine creature I found poolside that day. She still resides within me, and is begging me to get back in front of Candace’s camera.”


from Eliza R.

“Candace, I am in awe. These are angelic. You have captured energy fields and Love, capital L. The big one. I am so full of gratitude. And a little weepy.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you”

from Sil R. 

“You are so deeply gifted to have brought out such beauty and authenticity… such intimacy, such vulnerability, such joy in these photos.
I am beyond grateful. These are gifts to us that will keep giving forever. Moments in time that extend into the Fourth Dimension.”


from Alex Alexander

Candace is an amazing photographer.

Her attention to detail before, during and after the session made me feel completely taken care of. Her enthusiasm and energy throughout our experience together, and especially during our photo shoot, helped me keep my energy high, joyful and enthusiastic. 

The images she took of me are not only beautiful, but they made me feel like she captured the essence of who I am. The essence I feel myself to be, but have never seen captured on camera. 

As I looked through my slideshow of images, I was in tears at the beauty I saw before me. Seriously, I cried all the way through. For the first time in my life, I could truly see how beautiful I am! 

I could see the joy I have inside of myself. The strength, and compassion I have. I could see the playful- and sometimes sassy- part of myself. I could see the deep wisdom I have and the sense of safety people say that they feel when they're around me. Witnessing this in myself for the first time, I was speechless.

Thank you Candace! A million times thank you!"


from G.K.

"I had a major epiphany this morning: I realized what happened during our photo session- I actually connected with my Divine Self. Thank you Candace!”


from Mirella V.

“Dearest Candace,

Fucking hell!
I’m gonna be a model ;-)

When you told me that the pics were great ( at the photo-shoot ) I didn’t believe you. I had never had great pics of me.

When I lived in Israel I set up a small spiritual center and I needed pics for my website. with a reporter friend we went to the beach and she took more then 200 pics of which 3 were great. I expected about the same here, with a little luck.

I opened the slideshow and laughed out loud all the way through it.
I couldn’t believe it was me.
I think I look like a model.
I had a meeting with my friends 10 minutes after receiving these pics, and I shared them!
brought my laptop over and during our dinner I had them look at all of my pictures.
They loved it.
I loved seeing myself over and over.
I showed my husband when I got home after our meeting.
I am wearing no makeup in these incredible pics. NO makeup and I look stunning.
Candace, you seduced me into taking the pics.
I started loving it while we were doing it.
I felt shy and didn’t really got over that.
I’m blown away by the pics.
I will have a look again now.
I can’t wait to share them.
Oh! I also had so much fun encouraging the other models!
I’m breath-taken still the next morning.
These pics are giving me more self confidence.

I am so grateful for Candace!
I am so grateful to see myself through your camera.
I am so grateful for having met you in Miami.
I am grateful for your generosity.
I am grateful for the universe bringing us together.

I desire to wrap my arms around you and give you a huuuuge big hug and kiss.
I desire to go over the pics many more times.
I desire to blow everyone’s mind with my pics.
I desire to print them in a collage and hang it in my goddess space so I can remember the magic of Maimi, of us and myself.
I desire to feel as awesome as I look on the pictures for always and always.

I feel so proud of my pics and honored and moved and I still can’t believe it totally. This is life changing.

You are an amazing photographer giving me trust and confidence all the way through the shoot.

Thank you so much!

— Mirella V.